Tobacco Prevention


Part of Polk United’s mission is to serve as a resource for the community. We can connect you with the resources you need to make safe and healthy decisions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Having access to clean air, and keeping tobacco out of the hands of our youth is an important part of Polk United’s work in the community. Explore to see how you can help you make a difference!

HMR Nicotine Dependence Center Midelfort Clinic
715-838-KICK (5425), 888-834-4777 (within 715 area code),
733. W. Clairemont Ave., Eau Claire, WI 54701
Class Meetings: 14 months/outpatient eight-week group sessions with one year of maintenance
Methods: Behavioral counseling, phone support and drug therapy are available

Sacred Heart Hospital Education Department – 715-839-4265
Class Meetings: 5 weeks
Methods: Outpatient group sessions with education component. Self-help materials and one year follow-up available.
Materials/Additional Information: Approximate cost-$60

Tobacco Intervention Program Marshfield Clinic
715-858-4798, 800-924-8515
Class Meetings: 5 weeks
Methods: Community Program – group sessions with one year follow-up and self-help materials. Phone sessions and individualized counseling, along with self-help materials.
Materials/Additional Information: Community Program – approximate cost $75, phone sessions – approximate cost $50

Chippewa Valley Free Clinic 715-839-8477
Methods: Consultation with health care providers and referrals to other services are available.
Materials/Additional Information – Low or no cost

American Heart Association (Self-help and educational materials)
Materials/Additional Information: Other sources of information about quitting Smoking

Self Help for Smoking Cessation
612-835-3300 American Heart Association Minnesota Affiliate
4701 t 77th Street, Edina, MN 5543
Materials/Additional Information: Self-help and educational materials available

Hazelden Residential Nicotine Addition Program (Your Next Step)
800-328-9000 ext. 2779 Center City, MN
Class Meetings: 7 day inpatient
Methods: A twelve-step based program with recommendations for follow-up and aftercare
Materials/Additional Information: Self-help materials available.  Approximate cost – $1,595 (room and board extra) includes program, meals, transportation. Acupuncture used.

Western Wisconsin Working For Tobacco-Free Living  (715) 485-8834

Polk County Health Department (715) 485-8500

Osceola Medical Center – Talk with your primary care physician